Road Test: Polar Verity Sense : Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Road Test: Polar Verity Sense : Optical Heart Rate Sensor

The evolution of Heart Rate training started many years ago and has proven a handy accessory in training the body.

Its also a personal exploration into our physiology and a pretty accurate way to measure our training.

I have certainly been using Heart Rate training aids for years. I recall completing an IronMan Triathlon purely by watching my Heart Rate to calculate food consumption and controlling my speed to go the distance. It worked very well and proved a good distraction to preoccupy the mind while moving 10 hours.

Most of all its exciting to watch your heart rate and body to adapt over time to the training to be more efficient.

So – the POLAR Verity Sense is the latest device from POLAR. Their smart little package is ‘wear-friendly’ I call it compared to previous chest straps. This is designed to be worn on different parts of the body (Wrist, swim goggles, arm etc)

The Verity Sense is one of the most ‘ACCURATE’ heart rate sensors available on the market.

Some of the key points:

  • Signal range is about 150 metres Max.
  • water resistant and swim friendly
  • Internal memory which stores HR Data 16 MB
  • 20 hour battery life.

The unit is rechargeable – and the charging dock is a small device which plugs directly into a USB Device.

HOW To use the device

With most tech devices you need to activate a software program on your smartphone or computer to link to the device. The Verity Sense does this the same but uses BlueTooth to connect with most machines and devices to communicate and upload the data.

Garmin Users will also be able to use this device to connect to their devices using ANT+

Pairing is pretty straightforward as adding a new device like any new accessories. Best this is that it is recognized by Garmin ANT+ products.