How to: Recharging on the go.

How to: Recharging on the go.

GPS watch dead? Music Stopped playing. GPS mapping dies ?What happens when the power runs out?

During my Ultra Marathon days, the ability to recharge your gear on the go is vital. Most GPS watches generally last about 8 hours. Headlamps last about 4-8 hours. GPS Maps forget it.

This little device is the best for ‘recharging’ on the go!

And its not limited to Ultra Runners – think about those long commutes home running along the canal. When you phone or Bluetooth headphone run out of juice – you can get a super Fast recharge from this powerful battery pack.

The Power bank is extremely compact and lightweight, with a weight not much more than a protein bar or half empty drink bottle.

The tough and reliable power bank is to ensure your phone lasts as long as your UltraMarathon or endurance event. With the added feature of being dust and water proof.

Product Reference: 502173