Powerbar caffeine boost (200mg)


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Highlights of PowerBar Caffeine Boost

  • 200 mg of caffeine per 25 ml shot from various sources such as mate tea and guarana extracts
  • Caffeine can increase the endurance capacity
  • Low in sugar – only 0.6 g per shot
  • Natural flavors


Recommended usage:

  • One ampoule about an hour before exercise or during exercise. Another ampoule can be consumed in endurance training 3 hours later.
  • Pro athletes use PowerBar Caffeine Boost for intense workouts, training with low carbohydrate intake such as fat metabolism training and competition.
  • The caffeine-effect may be individually different and is not suitable for every athlete. Therefore it should be tried, whether and in what amount of caffeine is well tolerated.

Max. 2 ampoules (400 mg caffeine) per day.
Per serving: max. 200 mg caffeine. A dispersed throughout the day caffeine intake from all sources of up to 400 g per day should not be exceeded.