Power Bar Gel Strawberry Banana Box of 24 x 41 gram


PowerGel® Energy Gels can help boost your performance.

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These PowerGel Box of 24 x 41g pack a real punch and are a great way to get vital carbohydrates in to your body when you need them. The concentrated dosage is ideally consumed with 400ml of water to ensure rapid absorption.

The special C2MAX carb mix contains a special ratio of glucose and fructose sources. Consumed regularly during exercise, this mix can increase the amount of carbs that can be digested and used by working muscles up to 55%; improving performance by an average of 8%.


  • 205 mg of sodium, to stimulate the consumption of water and to have a better hydration
  • Improved, more liquid composition
  • Suggested use: 4 pouch per day. One pouch every 20-45 minutes during exercise with 400 ml water

PowerGel® is perfect for energy intake during sport, as no chewing is required. With added sodium.