PowerBank LedLenser iW3R 4000mAh charger and Light


Think about this for a second?

The majority of ultramarathons can run for longer than +5 hours. This means you may have to recharge your GPS watch or phone on the go. This simple, waterproof device is the answer to charging your gadgets while on the go.

The Ledlenser iW3R Spotlight 320 & 4000mAh Power bank is extremely compact and lightweight making it ideal for tradespeople who need a light quickly to hand.

The tough and reliable power bank is to ensure your phone lasts as long as your working day. With the added feature of being dust and water proof.

Product Reference: 502173

Lumens: Max: 320, Min: 30

Light Functions: Power, low power

Burn Time: Max: 10h, Min: 3.5h

IP Rating: IP54

Battery: Rechargeable 1 x Li-ion 3.7V

Size: Height: 122mm, Depth: 32mm, Width: 32mm

Weight: 143g including batteries

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