Run Body Glide 45g Anti Chaf Sports Balm


Enjoy More for less!  Anti-Blister, Anti-Chafing Balm forms an invisible barrier that guards against the rubbing that causes blisters and chafing. 45 grams portion.

The easy to rub on cream last well on your skin and can be washed away with soap after a run.

One of the best things you can have in your running kit. A must for endurance or longer distance runners. Triathletes use Run Glide for anti chaffing cream on the neck and underarm sections of your wetsuit.

Runglide will protect your skin against rubbing that causes chafing and irritation of the skin. Runglide provides a barrier, working effectively wherever skin is rubbed by clothing, footwear or skin on skin.

This formula is in line with other forms of Anti-Chaffing Creams, however includes a lovely Vanilla fragrance.


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