A true Sleeper – Unassuming with Wild Performance.  Brooks Hyperion MAX.

A true Sleeper – Unassuming with Wild Performance.  Brooks Hyperion MAX.

A treat you cannot resist. Brooks Hyperion Max. €165.99

The new “Super-Fast-Run-Friendly” shoes that are made for every runner and priced well below the others.

The new Brooks Hyperion Max have released a strong contender to the industry’s often-over priced and wild carbon plated shoes which are as crazy uncomfortable and stride crunching as their names. And with this shoe they are spot on and here is why.

No Wild and Zany shape or quirks: 

The Brooks Hyperion Max keeps the styling modest and complete with a conventional shape. For my feet, which are slightly broader around the ball of the foot they cater in shape and width comfortably. No pinches inside the shoes means less blisters and less issues to worry about.

The midsole is politely stacked slightly higher than a standard runner, without the fluff of wild heel wedges and cutouts. This keeps traction honest and firmly planted to the ground, and as any runner in Ireland will tell you, it can rain a bit here sometimes.

Brooks DNA Flash cushioning:

Its Nitrogen infused cushioning is adaptive, meaning soft and squishy under lower impact forces, and firm and fast under full power. Matched with the Rapid Roll technology from heel to toe curve, you are literally launched forward with a faster stride.

On a morning run-commute to work, the airflow is superb, perhaps a little chilly on start-up. But with a casual pace they perform beautifully and comfortably. 

Turn up the heat and press for a higher pace and the shoe hits the high notes of running stride and delivery. These are very fast when they need to be. 


This exciting release is the ultimate predator of all those around them and the race course. A big thumbs up from the Run Logic running crew. 

Offset: 8 mm

Category: Performance Trainer/Racer

Approx. weight: 190 grams

Type: Neutral

Responsive: Max.

Cushioning: max.

Brooks Hyperion Max Racer Trainer